Immediately after you discover that water is dripping in from your roof and you begin to lose faith in your roof’s structural integrity, there are three top things that you should do.  The beginning step, should be handled soon, and the other steps can be performed when there is a stop of pouring rain. You want to begin by implementing a strategy to resolve the leaking roof to make sure the structure in question continues to uphold a safe and functioning condition. As well, being able to easily find a professional the same day to come and look at your leak will ensure the problem will be handled correctly the first time. In Kansas City, roof repair estimates can be sought after by searching for roofing contractors on Google. One of the top keywords to use to find a contractor is “roof repair estimates”. Once a professional is found an estimate can be put together and the damages analyzed. They will pursue information such as the age, condition, and current cause of the leak to help make sure it is fixed properly and in a timely manner.  If you experienced hail damage like many other Kansas City residents then you know a professional there the same day will alleviate future problems as well.

Gathering and Cleaning

Starting these unwanted tasks is usually the most encumbrance issue that homeowners deal with and add to the stress and difficulty of knowing which steps to start at first. Even though there is a leak and the constant dripping begins to disrupt your overall confidence in your home, the best thing to do is start managing the water that is coming in. Quickly absorb any water that has already entered onto any contents or the floor, and place a container under the leak to gather the water that is still coming in.

Make sure the area is dried up well and that the water in the container is not splashing out as it begins to fill. One major step is to avoid going outside during the rain and attempt to climb it to try and fix or assess the problem at that time. Your main goal during this time is to just gather and clean up any water that may still be a problem or that is going to cause any further damages. When you get your roof repair estimates from a professional they will get on the roof for you and mark the damaged areas and assess the damages so that professional repair teams can come in behind them and fix the areas of concern.

Determine the Problem

Specifically, after the rain has ended and the roof has had time to dry, you may want to assess the damages at that time and begin to uncover if your needs for a professional are warranted or if it is a job that you feel you could fix by yourself. If able, check out where the leak is coming from and determine if a simple fix such as re-sealing or re-caulking flashing or seams could fix the problem. Usually just putting up some new shingles or roof materials is just a temporary fix. There will still be a possibility the materials are not put together as they once were and could come loose again. If you are just unable to assess the problem yourself, your next process would be to contact a roofing contractor to determine the problems there for you. Many times after large storms or multiple structure damages roofers will be busy but they should still be able to get to your location the same day to help determine what problems there are and what steps should take place next. If the rain continues to fall all day or night it may be the next day or two before it is safe for someone to be on the roof.

Fix the Problem

When determined if you are going to be able to repair the roof damages yourself, you will probably find that the amount of money saved is much more financially beneficial than having to use the services of a roofing contractor. But, try not to embrace the desires of a less expensive bill  and attempt to repair the damages yourself if you are not comfortable doing them. If you already have a known and reputable roofing contractor or company that you use, have them come to repair the leaks and damages for you. If you don’t know of any, try referrals from friends and family. That will often provide much better results than cold calling of roofers in the phone book. You can also search on Google for “roof repair estimates”, or “roofing contractors” to help find a local roofing company that can help you.

While it may be tempting to let the problem go until it leaks again, it is best to get the problem taken care of right away.  It is better to spend money re-caulking flashing or repairing a seam, than it is to re-coat the roof and repair beam damage because you waited too long. Waiting might seem like the best idea financially until later down the road when you see the bills for an overall replacement of beams or shingles. Get free roof repair estimates in Kansas City by contacting us today.


Finding the Right Roofer for the Job

Roof repairs and installing a new roof are not cheap home improvements.  In fact, the roof is one of the most costly home improvement investments that you will make during your ownership of the building.  That being the case, it is important to find the right roofer for the job.  That can be especially challenging and daunting after hearing roof repair nightmare stories.  If you are in the market to hire a roofer for your home, follow the steps below to help ensure that the person you hire will be the best person for the job. There are plenty of roofing contractors in the Kansas City area. When you search for them online just use the term roof repair estimates to get a large list of them near you.

Word of Mouth:
Forget about opening the phone book up and cold calling roofing companies right from the start.  While you may have to resort to that at the end of your search, the best way to begin the roofing contractor search is to ask around.  Talk with friends and family members who have had their roof repaired or replaced to find out which companies and contractors they recommend and which ones they suggest you shy away from.  Word of mouth advertising is the best or worst free advertising.  Many contractors, especially those in the roofing industry, know that jobs done right and to the customer’s satisfaction lead to recommendations and more business.  Jobs that have not been completed properly or a string of dissatisfied customers will quickly lead to a loss of credibility.  If homeowners in your neighborhood are currently getting their roof repaired or replaced, consider talking with about the people doing the job.  Sometimes contractors will give a discount if they are completing work in the same neighborhood.

Estimates should be given free of charge.  Understand that roofing companies will usually try to find out what other companies have bid and manipulate their bids to look attractive to you.  While this may sound like a good thing, the price should reflect all the work and material that will be needed to complete the job.  Without an accurate estimate it will be difficult to determine if a contractor is going to be the best choice for your roof repair.  An accurate estimate can only be gleaned by actually inspecting your roof, so if the contractor spends only a couple of minutes looking at your roof, chances are that he is not going to see all the issues that need to be taken care of.  Also remember that the lowest bid may not be the best one for your roofing job.  It is important to evaluate each estimate for what it contains and the estimated date of completion. Finding a roofing contractor in Kansas City who will give free estimates is easy. Just search on Google for roof repair estimates and you will see many different ones in your area.

Trust your instincts.  This may sound like an odd way of selecting a contractor, but in reality homeowners often have a gut feeling about those they are considering hiring.  It is important to feel comfortable with the person you have selected, so be sure that you go with your instincts.

Finding the right roofer for the job can be incredibly challenging.  Some companies never call you back, other companies give astronomical estimates and others just make you uncomfortable.  However, by listening to the recommendations of family and friends, your chances of finding the right roofer greatly increase.