At different stages in the time frame of a home there may come a few times that you need to replace the roof. No matter if your home is over 100 years old and has been fitted with long lasting materials such as copper roofing, of if your modest home with a shingled roof, at some moment in time it is going to need repair or be replaced. Roof replacement and sometimes even roof repairs can be expensive. Most homeowners try and stave off any expensive repairs as long as possible but eventually the work has to be done to make a home up to standards. Deciding if to make repairs or replace a roof is a very important question a homeowner has to determine. In Kansas City, most roofing companies will give you a free roof repair estimate. That will help you gather information about the range of costs to start helping decide what to do.

When is the time to repair?

If you decide to repair the roof you will usually accrue the least amount of costs. Obviously, repairing a roof is a much better option if there are just small localized leaks. For instance, the roof may be leaking because of a cracked flashing seam or along seams in flat roofing. These repairs are usually very simple to repair. These roofing damages are not usually a sign of materials that have failed so much as just a natural weathering on the caulking and patches. A simple tube of roof patch material and some form of all weather caulking could easily resolve this problem.

Flat roofs need to be re-coated every two to six years. Although this is not considered an outstanding home repair, if not taken care of the protective coating may experience bumps, cracking, and breaks. If not regularly maintained the chances of the underlying materials becoming damaged are greater. You can attempt to apply the roof coating by yourself or hire a professional to do it. There may be many reasons you do not feel comfortable being on the roof, or the roof may be steep or hazardous for your physical condition, then it would be in your best interests to hire a professional to do the job for you. The roofs coating and any shingles are what are thought of as the first line of defense.  The importance that these materials are in good condition cannot be stressed  enough to ensure the protection of the business or home in question.

When to Replace?

It is known that replacing a roof can be one of the biggest home improvements that you can ever make. While keeping this in mind, it is also one of the repairs that many put off for the longest amount of time. Many people are unaware of when it is time to replace the roof? There can be some telling signs you want to make yourself aware of.

If you discover that your roof has consistent leaks even after repairs or in various places, it is strongly suggested as the time to begin replacing it.  After inspection, if it is noticed that a large amount of shingles or materials are damaged that cannot be fixed with minor repair work, then it also would be a suggested time to replace it before a major incident could occur to cause further damage to the interior of the structure.  Another matter in replacing roofs would include replacing any roofing vents or additional structure that also may have the same age as the rest of the roof. Another point to understand is that if the age of your roof has exceeded is lifespan it is candidate to be replaced as soon as possible. As most people have heard the saying, “if you are going to do something, do it right the first time”. That saying also goes for roofing decisions as you will not desire to continue performing roof repairs that arise over and over again as it will quickly add up to or near the costs of just replacing it. So contact a professional in the Kansas City area to give you free roof repair estimates so you can get the best deal on your repairs.

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